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  Get Online. We came up with this phrase in response to hearing so many people say, “but my customers aren’t online!”. And it’s simply not true. Especially when it comes to social media. To prove this point, we’ve put together some great facts of the social world to show you just how large an audience is waiting for you online.

Here’s a break down of the most popular social media channels:

540 Million


1 Billion


255 Million


200 Million


540 Million

Google +

40 Million



“Ok fine, so there are lots of kids online. But my customers are older.”

45% of internet users that are 65+ use Facebook.

“What was that? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of all your customers using Facebook”


And it’s still growing…

Not only are there huge numbers of people on social media, people continue to sign up in huge numbers.
50 Million new users signed up for Instagram in the last 6 months
People want to interact with companies and brands online. It’s not just about sending out a tweet and hoping somebody clicks on it. It’s about interacting, and having real conversations with your customers. Small businesses know that personal connections can go a long way. How many regulars do you know by name? How many times have you spent hours just chatting with a customer? They still want the same thing, they just want it online now too.

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